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Celebrating Colorado

Celebrating Louisana
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt has created a series of books featuring everyone's favorite geography teacher, Mr. Geo. Mr. Geo loves to travel and he visits all 50 states. His adventures and travels to six states are chronicled in these entries into the series. Jane Kurtz has joined other renowned authors to share events and locations in each of the states Mr. Geo visits. Celebrating Colorado takes Mr. Geo to Colorado, the Centennial State. He's going to explore four gorgeous national parks, participates in daring sports, visit a dude ranch, climb to the top of Pikes Peak, and much, much more. In Celebrating Louisana, Mr. Geo visits Louisiana, the Pelican State. His first stop is New Orleans for the Mardi Gras parade.  He's going to sample Cajun cooking, listen to jazz, ride riverboats and tour eery swamps and beautiful mansions too. 
Together, in these books you will discover what makes each state, a state to celebrate. Includes maps and learning activities. Colorful, you-are-there illustrations and easy-to-read text are great for beginning and newly independent readers!  These titles are just right for the reader who is confirming their personal reading strategies and wanting information about places in the United States. Read more about these books on the 50 States page.

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The first two titles Celebrating Pennsylvania and Celebrating Georgia are featured as a digital read at Curious World.

Anna Was Here

Anna Was Here- Nominated for the 2015-2016 South Carolina Children's Book Awards [Nominee list]
Read an interview with Jane regarding the writing of Anna Was Here. Portland Book Review(February 24, 2014) "An Interview with Jane Kurtz, author of Anna Was Here."

Jane Kurtz is busy working on more writing and spreading a love of books and literacy whereever she goes. She travels often to spots around the world and within the United States and would welcome an invitation to talk about books, reading, and writing with the young readers in your school or library. In 2015 Jane was honored, by the Society of Ehtiopians Established in Diaspora for her extensive work in literacy to benefit the Ethiopian people. Look around her web home, visit her blog, follow her on twitter and facebook, and let her know if you have questions. Look up her books and share them with the young readers you work with. If you would like to invite Jane to visit your school or library visit the contact page for more information. Thanks for coming.
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