I'm Sorry, Almira Ann

Almira AnnI'm Sorry, Almira Ann by Jane Kurtz. Illustrated by Susan Havice. (1999) Reading Level: Ages 9-11. 96 pages. Henry Holt & Company. ISBN: 0805060944.

Almira AnnNow available as a Scholastic Apple paperback.
  • Flicker Tale Children's Book Award Nominee 2001-02
  • West Virginia Children's Book Award nominee 2001-02

The many well-drawn characters make this trip along the trail a memorable one. Gentle drawings help make it accessible to a somewhat younger audience than most books on the subject, but the story is as strong as many in longer novels. Good historical fiction for young readers. -- Booklist

For her first young and light novel, Jane Kurtz -- who was born in Portland, Oregon-- reached back beyond her own persona history of growing up in Ethiopia and into her father's family history. Jane's great-great-grandmother traveled on the Oregon Trail. On one stop, she took off her wedding ring and hung it on a branch to make bread. The next time she remembered the ring, the wagons were far from the lunch stop, and they couldn't possibly turn around. Jane always felt haunted by that family story and was pleased to work it into the plot of I'm Sorry, Almira Ann.

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