Bicycle Madness

Bicycle MadnessBicycle Madness by Jane Kurtz. Illustrated by Beth Peck (2003) Reading Level: Ages 8 -12. 122 pages. Henry Holt and Company. ISBN:0-8050-6981-X.

In Bicycle Madness Lillie finds her family's progressive neighbor, Miss Frances to be very interesting but when her father expresses his disapproval Lillie is caught in a dilemma. While the main episodes focus on Miss Frances's efforts to learn to ride a bike it is her other activities fighting for women's right to vote, child labor laws, and better conditions for worker's that cause the townspeople in Evanston, Illinois to view Frances Willard -- a member of Susan B. Anthony's circle -- as a dangerous character.

Lillie's story in Bicycle Madness is extended by Beth Peck's black and white drawings.