Johnny Appleseed


Johnny AppleseedJohnny Appleseed  by Jane Kurtz. Illustrated by Mary Haverfield. (2004) Reading Level: Ages 6-8. 32 pages. Aladdin. ISBN: 0689859597.

Johnny Appleseed walks from New England to Ohio, planting trees wherever he goes. A book just right for the very beginning reader.

"In this simple little book early readers get a feel for what Johnny Appleseed did with his life and how he helped people by planting seeds and by giving them baby trees to plant." -- Through the Looking Glass

Kurtz introduces newly emergent readers to the historical John Chapman... Kurtz caps her short, rhythmic text with an invitation to "Clap your hands for Johnny Chapman. / Clap your hands for Johnny Appleseed!" An appealing way to open discussions of our country's historical or legendary past. -- Kirkus Reviews