Rain Romp: Stomping Away a Grouchy Day

Rain Romp: Stomping Away a Grouchy Day by Jane Kurtz. Illustrated by Dyanna Wolcott. (2002) Preschool Up. unp. Greenwillow/HarperCollins. ISBN: 0-06-029805-7. $15.99. 32 pages.

Rain Romp

From the bookflap: "On a gray day the heroine of this book feels every bit as grouchy as the cloudy, rainy, windy sky outside her bedroom window. There is no way that her all-too-cheerful Mom and Dad are going to convince her to get out of bed. Or is there?

How do you transform a stormy mood into a sunny one? This clever story holds the secret: a stomping, romping, wild dance that can make you feel like yourself again -- and ready at last for smiles and giggles with the people who really do understand you after all."

Annotation from the publisher: "When she awakens to a gray day, a little girl is in a grouchy mood until she and her parents find a way to make it better." More reviews on the curriculum connections page.