Water Hole Waiting

Water Hole Waiting by Jane Kurtz and Christopher Kurtz. Illustrated by Lee Christiansen. (2002) Preschool Up. unp (32 pages.) Greenwillow/
HarperCollins. ISBN: 0-06-029851-0. $15.89

Water Hole WaitingFrom the bookflap:

It's a hot day on the savanna. The sun sizzles, bristles, and bakes. A young monkey wants to drink at the water hole. But wait! Blocking the way are irritable hippos, sharp-hoofed zebras, a toothy lion, huge elephants, and a lurking crocodile. Will Monkey every get to taste cool water? Why is waiting so hard?"
Annotation from the publisher:

Waiting is hard. And if you are a small vervet monkey with a big thirst, it's even harder. But wait you must, because snap! go Crocodile's jaws; slip, slap go Lion's powerful paws; thrum, thrum go the rumbling elephants...Water holes on the African savanna are popular places. Will Monkey and his family ever get to drink? Take this unforgettable (and noisy!) armchair safari and find out! It's the perfect book for animal lovers, and Lee Christiansen's lush and expressive pastel portraits of the animals take you right to the water hole. Also includes an informative authors' note on the facts behind the fiction.

Jane and ChrisThis is one book that Jane Kurtz authored with her brother, author Christopher Kurtz. They previously collaborated on Only a Pigeon. Both authors live with their families in Portland, Oregon.